Vorteile von Nachtzieltechnik

Benefits of night targeting

Night hunting with dual-use devices - possible uses of the thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging devices are used to track down and observe wild populations in our forests and are therefore an ideal aid for the forester / hunter, etc.

The technology enables the game to be addressed better and without any doubt and thus enables it to be used properly in every situation.

Only wild boar may be hunted with it in order to prevent damage to farmland and the spread of African swine fever.




In contrast to the residual light amplification, we use a completely different technology that is absolutely independent of the time of day or night. It always works without additional light sources and makes thermal radiation visible. This makes it possible to reliably track down game at distances of over 1000 meters and then to address it clearly. No other technology offers such outstanding benefits for hunting.


Rain and fog are also no problem for good thermal imaging devices. While normal optics or residual light intensifiers have long been blind, observation and recognition is still possible with the thermal imaging camera.


Conditions /  requirements


Thermal imaging technology works largely independently of the time of day and weather conditions. It is also increasingly used in fog and rain, when the hunter can no longer rely on his eyes alone when hunting. Especially in poor visibility despite daylight, thermal imaging technology offers advantages that no other target technology has to offer.