Hunting ethics

For a long time it was forbidden to use night vision or thermal imaging technology in connection with firearms. The Weapons Act (published on 02/14/2020) brings a change here: the holder of the hunting license is now allowed to own and use so-called dual-use devices.


The ASF (African Swine Fever) in particular has fundamentally changed the attitude towards night targeting among hunters. The federal states are also increasingly changing their hunting laws to allow shooting with attachments - here you will find an overview of the status of the individual states.


Difference between dual-use devices and night vision target devices


Real night vision riflescopes that have their own reticle and adjustment device or are permanently integrated in the weapon are still prohibited. Only devices that can only be used separately for observation are permitted - so-called dual-use devices.


Which game can be hunted with attachments?


The lifting of the ban on hunting with the aid of dual-use night targeting technology only applies to wild boar. For other hoofed game, the night hunting ban continues to apply, and thus also the ban on night targeting technology (including dual-use devices). This regulation was brought into being to counteract the ASF and to prevent damage to usable areas and stocks.

Basically, with the appropriate technology, it is possible to address game without a doubt and to shoot it properly in absolute darkness.