Upgrade NW 100 → Fokus 50

Upgrade NW 100 → Fokus 50

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Take advantage of our offer to improve your Noblex NW 100 product and equip it with the latest functions.

The following are included in this upgrade package:

  • Memory function for 3 optics / weapons, with switching at the push of a button
  • Image mode "Red Hot" to make tracking easier
  • High-precision factory adjustment for easy zeroing in
  • Direct switching between Black Hot and White Hot without switching into the menu
  • Insured forward and backward shipping via UPS
  • Comprehensive device inspection
  • Premium Heimdall Softcase
  • Renewal of the protective cover


After receiving the device, we will carry out all points of the upgrade and send you your improved device back within 10-14 working days.


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