GTM block assembly

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Optics interface
Overall height

The German Tactical Mount is a brand new line from EAW for tactical applications. It is a modular system for attaching additional optics and accessories. The extremely robust mount is approved for all calibres. It is available as a ring pair, block mount and forward offset version. The mounts are milled from solid 7075 aluminium, all stressed parts are made of C45 steel. A full-surface stop guarantees optimum power transmission.


EAW (Ernst Apel Würzburg) stands for tradition and innovation in the manufacture of high-quality hunting and precision equipment. Since its foundation, EAW has become a leading name in the development and production of optical devices, mounting systems and thermal imaging cameras. With a relentless focus on quality and precision, all EAW products are designed and manufactured in Germany to meet the exacting demands of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. By combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, EAW guarantees the durability, reliability and performance of its products to maximise the outdoor experience.