The Fokus 50

All data at a glance

Photo & video recording

Internal 8 GB memory
Snapshots or videos
Up to 8x digital zoom

OLED color display

Color and monochrome image display
Highest contrasts and smallest pixels
(7.6 μm x 7.6 μm (sub-pixels, 3.8 μm x 3.8 μm))
Color schemes for day / night


No shutter, absolutely noiseless
No picture interruption
Rubberized housing


Sensor from European production, absolutely recoil-proof housing made of 7075 weapons aluminum
Industrial connector

18650 batteries

Two batteries, can also be operated with only one
Enduring for up to 8 hours of running time
Power supply also via power bank

Easy application

Concentrated on the essentials
Reliable companion for every application
Easiest operation and menu navigation

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Fokus 50

Lens focal length (mm) 50
Lens diameter (mm) 47
Detector material (mm) ASi
Detector resolution (pixels) 384x288
Pixel size 17
NETD (mK) <50
Shutter Shutterless
Frame rate (Hz) 50
Display OLED
Display resolution (pixels) 1024x768
Optical magnification
in monocular mode 
Digital zoom 1x to 8x
Power supply 2x18650 batteries
Battery runtime (h) up to 8
External power supply Yes, via USB
Internal memory 8 GB
Weight without battery (g) 520
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 187x62x70