Fokus 50

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Perfected dual-use thermal imaging camera developed and manufactured in Germany

✓ Handheld and attachment in one
✓ Infra-HD sensor system with factory calibration
✓ Photo and video recording with zoom
✓ True Fokus technology
✓ AMOLED Display - outstanding contrast and image quality

A robust and reliable companion for every application

With the purchase of a Heimdall Fokus 50 device you are opting for durability and the best quality "Made in Germany". Should you still need help, Heimdall's technical service is at your side quickly, reliably and easily.

Scope of delivery

  • Heimdall Fokus thermal imaging camera
  • High quality hard case
  • 2 18650 batteries with battery charger
  • Operation manual
  • USB data cable
  • Bayonet adapter for clamp adapter
  • Heat pads for zeroing in

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    Technology made in Germany

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