Heimdall Fokus 50

Premium thermal imaging technology - attachment and observation device

Fokus 50

The technology

Data sheet

one for all

Attachment for over 400 optics

No matter what type of optics you prefer to use, the Heimdall Fokus 50 can be easily placed in front of your optics using an adapter solution.

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Can be used flexibly

Observation device

Our adaptive eyepiece system enables it to be used as an attachment and as an observation device

4 picture modes to choose from

Depending on the application, the camera offers the best image quality in the respective mode

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Attachment device

No modification, change in seconds, automatically and with the highest precision, sensor performance and resolution

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Thanks to its decent image quality, very long battery life, practical bayonet catch, insensitivity to twisting, camera function and low price, the Heimdall Fokus 50 can be considered the overall test winner.

TEST WINNER - DWJ issue Feb. 2021

This really innovative device has a lot going for it.
The rubberized housing absorbs noises, and if it is used as an observation device, a 2.5x eyepiece is available.
"....Those who like to film their hunting activities will have access here."

DJZ issue Nov. 2020

Heimdall Fokus 50

Unboxing and test

Noblex NW 100 / Heimdall NW 100

In the current test reports, the devices are listed as "Noblex NW100" or "Heimdall NW100" This is because the devices were developed by Heimdall GmbH and marketed in cooperation with Noblex.

Due to internal changes at Noblex GmbH, the device is now exclusively manufactured by Heimdall GmbH and under the Model name Fokus 50 marketed..

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Heimdall Fokus 50